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NZ Abortion Study Rattles ALRANZ

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Research just published (4 Nov 09) by Otago University appears to have left the pro-abortion advocates in New Zealand shaken. President of the Abortion Law Reform Association of New Zealand (ALRANZ), Margaret Sparrow attempts to discredit the findings by questioning the integrity of the report itself, of its researchers and of the media's reporting on it. Professor David Fergusson, of the department of Psychological Medicine, and his team studied data from women who had been interviewed six times between the ages of 15 and 30, each time being asked whether they had been pregnant and, if so, what the outcome of that pregnancy had been. They found that, "Women reporting adverse reactions were up to 80 per cent more likely than women not exposed to abortion to have mental health problems" - NZ Herald.

“Pro-abortion lobbyists in New Zealand like to throw the word ‘choice’ around, but how can we honestly claim that women choosing abortion are making a free and informed decision when they haven’t been properly advised about the risks of having an abortion, and the alternatives available to them” said Brendan Malone of Family Life International in their press release.

So having an abortion will increase your risk of suffering from a mental health disorder will increase by up to 80% if you agree for your baby to be killed by an abortionist. It would seem self-evident that any mother who agrees to having their own flesh and blood, their own little child killed is either careless, sadistic, or has not been told that this is in fact what is taking place. If the pre-born child is refered to as "the pregnancy", or "the products of conception" by her doctor and councillers then the mother is unlikely to be fully aware of the state of the child within her. If the mother was instead told that her "problem" was a small human-being, a life distinct from hers yet dependent upon her for its very life (from conception until about the age of five), perhaps she would then be able to see the situation for what it was. Another factor worthy of consideration when thinking about getting an abortion, is the effect that it may have on the mother's own health. Surprise surprise, workers within the government-funded abortion industry in New Zealand value their jobs and subsequently spend precious little time providing women with information on the very real plethora of risks - both physical and psychological, associated with having an abortion. Increased risk of contracting breast cancer, damage to mental health, future premature births or miscarriages, or nightmares about the awful fate of their tiny, helpless, unborn child.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right about the lack of informed consent. I had an abortion eight yrs ago and almost died from depression after it - I was suicidal for years yet was not informed of this possibility when I attended the 'counselling' to explore options - the only option explored in the half hour session was abortion. It was described as being 'very sad but a very simple and safe "procedure"' We were told we could get on with our lives afterwards. Life stopped after that day. My marriage limped along for years after and then we split. It is known that eighty percent of couples split afterwards yet there was no mention of this. There is no support afterwards, no grief counselling, no acknowledgement of the loss. It is barbaric, but who do you turn to after it is over? You are blamed for making the 'choice'. In my case I was coerced by the male partner as are most women who submit. If I had sought assistance, I would have been blamed for having prior mental health issues, which definitely wasn't the case - I was perfectly healthy, sane and rational before the event. I attended a Catholic retreat called Rachel's Vineyard some years later and received reconciliation with my God, but still find it hard to live with. Thankyou for speaking up about this and please continue to do so - women are being sold a lie and Family Planning clearly has a Government population control mandate - Margaret Sparrow should be hung, drawn and quartered for what she has done ... or better yet she should be forced to have an abortion seeing as she is such a vocal supporter of them for other people.

Did you know they don't give women seeking abortions scans while they are trying to make up their minds? Why? Because most women change their minds and continue the pregnancy when they see their child's heartbeat. Abortion is never a 'choice' - it is a terrible road taken in desperation and if it wasn't available people would have to cope as they did in days gone by. What we have now is a generation of men who think abortion is harmless and almost a rite of passage for women - they are spineless and don't take fair responsibility for the consequences of sex. The man's response to pregnancy is the number one determinant as to whether a woman will abort or not. If she perceives a lack of support she is likely to do the 'sensible' and ' supportive' thing by climbing on the table and submitting to having her child murdered in her womb. The repercussions are horrific - it is a soul wound and half of our women are walking around as zombies in society. Thirty percent of all abortions are to married women. Abortion is also known to contribute to child abuse for both parties - perhaps this might explain the horrific rates we have in Australasia.

8:20 pm, December 26, 2009 

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