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Compulsory Sex-Ed in UK Schools

1 comments | 3:38 am | top | reports, "The British Labour government has announced that parents will have no right to remove their children over the age of 15 from explicit "sex education" programs in schools". The new system will incorporate sex-education throughout the education system - including private schools, for children aged five and up. Until this law change parents were able to withdraw school-children of any age from sex-ed classes. Of course Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families Ed Balls knows better than mum and dad and was worried that some children were reaching the age of consent without receiving State sex-education!

Balls claims that the public is onside: "Following discussions with parents, young people and faith groups, the Government will bring forward legislation to lower the age to 15. A majority of parents polled on this subject supported a lower age." Good to get that clarity from the Secretary. Discussions were had with some parents, some young people and select "faith groups" - of course we're not going to tell you which ones or how many otherwise we would seem silly. However LifeSiteNews reports on the contrary, that "nearly 80 per cent of respondents believed parents should retain the right to withdraw their children at any age".

The current age at which parents lose the right to pull their children out of sex-ed is 19, which I agree is too high, however while this age could be lowered, 15 is obviously too young. Of course the Family Planning Association in the UK is one of the key movers behind this law change and its not as if they're going to rest on their laurels at this victory, they won't rest on this issue until parents have no right at all to withdraw their own children from certain mandatory sex-ed classes - whether they're at pre-school or primary-school.

This latest law change is just a bit of fooling round with the finer details of the system. The question that needs to be asked is, why is the State running classes (compulsory or not) for children on how to have "safe sex" among other subjects essential for all young people - to give them the information they need to make the right choices about their future... It's time to stop kidding ourselves in the West. The state-education system has evolved into a state social-engineering system which moulds subjects more willing to fit into a totalitarian state. As Telegraph columnist Gerald Warner observed, "totalitarianism means exactly that: total conformity of everybody with the politically correct consensus, with no exceptions tolerated".

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

So "nearly 80 per cent of respondents believed parents should retain the right to withdraw their children at any age". These respondents are not only enfranchised to believe or even to respond to polls. In western democracies they are free to speak up and or make a considerable fuss in order to maintain their rights. Who brought the children into the world? Who paid to bring them up? Who loves them?

5:09 am, November 20, 2009 

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