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Attack of the Clones

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screenshot from Starwars: Attack of the Clones (2002)

We thought human-cloning was years away... just like living on the moon would not eventuate for many years.  US reproductive scientist Dr. Panayiotis Zavo claims to have cloned 14 human embryos, implanting 11 of them in 4 women - but as yet he has not been successful, and the pregnancies have failed.  Below is an excerpt from the article at,

"There is absolutely no doubt about it, and I may not be the one that does it, but the cloned child is coming. There is absolutely no way that it will not happen," Dr. Zavos said.

"If we intensify our efforts, we can have a cloned baby within a year or two," he said. In 2004, Dr. Zavos claimed to have transferred a cloned human embryo into a woman's womb, but did not produce evidence at the time to back up the claim.

A segment of the film depicting the recent procedures made available to the press shows Dr. Zavos, dressed in surgical scrubs and sitting at a microscope, interspersed with photos of what appear to be cells. The footage featured in a documentary aired Wednesday on the Discovery Channel in Britain.

"We managed to write chapter one," Zavos said. "Chapter two, we will have a child a parent can take home and raise as a cloned child."

Agence France Presse reported that the experiment was carried out in a secret location in the Middle East to avoid legislation in the US that bans "human cloning," that is, "reproductive cloning."

Ethicists and scientists were quick to condemn Zavos' claim, maintaining that cloned human embryos cannot be created "safely." The American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) issued a statement calling attempts at "human cloning" unethical. The ASRM, however, in quoting a previous decision, employed the shorthand expression "human cloning" to mean only the creation of cloned embryos for purposes of reproduction, not the creation of human clones as such.

Cloning may be immoral, but what is more certain is that the research being done on cloning of embryos is definitely immoral. The number of very young unborn babies that these evil scientists are using and killing in their experiments is incredibly high, and absolutely unjustifiable.

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