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NZ Anti-Life Lobby Running Scared

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The Women's National Abortion Action Campaign (WONAAC) is the latest of several other anti-life groups in New Zealand to join in the smear-campaign against Right to Life NZ. In their 10 May press release, they write,

The anti-abortion group Right to Life has spent at least $86,000 harassing the women of New Zealand – much of it on a court case that resumes in the Court of Appeal on Tuesday – and the Women’s National Abortion Action Campaign has a simple question: Where’s all that money coming from?

Without missing a beat, the Society For Promotion Of Community Standards responds,

Most will see this for what it is - a last minute desperate smear campaign directed at a properly constituted Incorporated Society that publicly discloses its audited financial accounts every year via the Companies website, as well as its objectives.

Towards the bottom of their press release, WONAAC's Alison McCulloch accuses Right to Life of having an hidden agenda,

“It’s not just about abortion. It never is,” Ms. McCulloch said. “It’s about a minority morals agenda that opposes sex education, contraception, civil unions and gay marriage. Embryos have human rights, gays and women don’t.”

Observe the ruthless fervour of this anti-life lobby-group. They resort to grossly misrepresenting Right to Life, by claiming that Right to Life belives that gays and women do not have human rights.

McCulloch has the disconcerting habit of constantly refering to the unborn child simply as a "fertilized egg". Ultimately, all of us - including McCulloch, are fertilized eggs. However it is a bizarre way in which to refer to an unborn child, who at just 5 weeks old has a steady heart-beat and a separate set of DNA from its mother.

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