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I Slayed Them With My Jokes

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Claire Trevett at the Herald has obtained a copy of the unauthenticated Budget-week diary of John Key and Bill English... here's an excerpt,

Wednesday - John:
Go to a school in Tawa to read to the children. It went well, I slayed them with my jokes. I told them we'd be reading a big blue book in Parliament soon. There's lots of red inside it, of course, but I tell them not to worry about that - we were sorting it out.
One of the books I read them was called Billy McBrown about a boy who puts socks on his head and tomatoes on his nose and "laughs like a clown". I remember how I made Bill backtrack on the cycleway money and get a warm fuzzy feeling.
Labour is already starting to attack us on "broken promises" after our very subtle hints that the next lots of tax cuts will go. They had the barefaced cheek to hold up my campaign promises sheet with big red crosses marked on it. I fended it off by saying it looked more like Labour's seating plan after the election. But I do worry this will be dubbed the Budget of death by cancelling cuts. Bill isn't helping by saying nobody's bank accounts would be better off after the Budget. He thought he was being funny, but his jokes don't slay them like mine. Head off to look for lucky cufflinks.

hat tip: Kiwiblog

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