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Bad Govt. Department Just Got Better

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The Families Commission is another one of those superfluous government departments which sticks a dirty great suction hose into the Government's slush fund of tax-payer dollars, and delivers relatively very little. Not only this, but the commission is necessarily obsolete, seeing as our country currently has the laws in place that necessary to ensure the well-being of families. However dark, foreboding clouds sometimes have a silver-lining...

Family First NZ is welcoming the appointment of child advocate Christine Rankin and Parents Inc’s Bruce Pilbrow as Families Commissioners. - Press Release, 12 May 2009

Sue Bradford is not happy however, as Christine Rankin and Bruce Pilbrow are pro-family, and opposed to unnecessary government intrusion into family. She complained on her Twitter, page,

Shocked by news Christine Rankin has been appointed a Families Commissioner - major threat to their good work, about to do media release.

Hahaha. I don't like the Families Commission, but I like Christine Rankin on the Families Commission!

It looks like Stuff's political editor Colin Espiner is upset too, as he has the spade out, attempting to dig dirt on Christine in his article by making an amateur lists of bullet-points which he seems to believe are reasons why she should not have been appointed.

Hat tip: Big News

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

What are 'family values'?

Could you provide a definition/explanation/etc Andy?



5:44 pm, May 26, 2009 
Blogger Andy Moore said...

Hi PW. Good question. I don't use the term myself, but perhaps you'll find Wikipedia useful...

7:06 pm, May 26, 2009 

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