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Timeless Cinematic Moments 14

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Timeless Cinematic moments continues...

Eowyn and Faramir are two of the most sacrificial and noble characters in Peter Jackson's adaptation of Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings. Gandalf has just crowned Aragorn as king of Gondor, and the crowd are beside themselves. Viggo Mortenson is filling his lungs with air, preparing to sing his wonderful solo piece, but Faramir (David Wenham) and Eowyn (Miranda Otto) appear to not really be paying attention to anything other than each other. Eowyn's exemplary and selfless nature is a perfect compliment for Faramir's incredible humility, bravery and loyalty. There are many timeless cinematic moments in the Return of the King, but this scene is a highlight.



Blogger Rivers Daughter said...

This is getting a little strange, I get on your blog and you have three post about things my sister and I just talked about in the last week....We watching this movie on Sunday after she sprained her ankle and this very scene always makes me happy.

3:10 pm, June 13, 2009 

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