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"They Meant it for Evil but God used it for Good"

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Alerted to Pastor Walter Hoye's imprisonment at, I wrote a letter to him while he was incarcerated in Santa Rita jail, California. Hoye is a huge encouragement, and a shining example of what it means to be a man of conviction. Below is the first bit of the article at Be sure to continue reading...

For 19 days in March and April, Walter Hoye was locked in a cell with 29 other prisoners at the Santa Rita jail near Oakland, Calif. There were times when he wished he could have stayed longer.

When the metal door first clanged shut behind him on March 20, Hoye, 52, decided the space was really more of a cage than a cell. A metal grid penning in prisoners. Fifteen bunks lining two walls. Two toilets and a urinal for all 30 men, and a shower that inmates had gradually transformed into a pornographic shrine.

As Hoye made his way to an empty bunk, a few prisoners, mostly black and Latino, dogged his path. "You smuggle in any drugs, man?" one of them asked.

"No," Hoye said quietly.

Then the veteran inmates left him alone, he told me, except for "one of the brothers who was kind enough to help me make up my bed."

A few minutes later, another man walked over to Hoye's bunk and jabbed his finger at a newspaper he was holding. "This you?" he said, eyeing Hoye skeptically.

Hoye peered at the Oakland Tribune headline: "Anti-abortion pastor chooses jail."

"Yeah, that's me," he said.

In the next moment, the inmate was striding up and down the length of the cell, announcing, "Hey, he don't have to be here! He turned down probation! He doing straight time for what he believed in!"

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Anonymous DoctorDefense said...

The laws Hoye scoffs were written to prevent violent right-to-life terrorism against providers AND against patients.

Hoye should show more respect. I wonder how his perspective would change if he had to hire 24-hr protection and work behind bullet-proof glass.

Maybe he'll find out. Maybe someone will take a shot at him.

Virtually ALL the violence in the American abortion war has been committed by RTLs against pro-choicers. This will not always be the case. WAR means not just that you shoot at the enemy; it also means the enemy shoots at you.

3:24 am, May 04, 2009 
Blogger Andy Moore said...

Hoye is not a violent terrorist, he simply stood there holding a sign, he did not get up in people's faces.
The law is an attack on the freedom of the citizens of California - whatever way you try to justify it.

1:05 pm, May 04, 2009 
Blogger binSchmidt said...

Hmmm, from the 'RTL' perspective fatal violence is committed against fetuses in every abortion.

11:46 pm, May 04, 2009 

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