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A farmer was showing his city-friend around his farm. He showed him the cows and the sheep, and his big new tractor in the equipment shed.  As they were heading back to the farm-house, they stopped at the pig-pen.  The man from the city looked at the pigs, and was surprised to see that one of them had a wooden leg! He asked the farmer why the pig had a wooden leg.  "Oh that pig," said the farmer, "that pig is a very special pig." He pulled out his tobacco, rolled a cigarette, lit up and sighed contentedly.  "A few years back our house was burning down, and we were all asleep inside" the farmer began.  "This 'ere pig smelled the smoke and saw the flames.  He ran into the burning house and, holding the collar of my pajamas with his teeth, pulled me out. Then he ran back in and pulled my wife out of the house. Then he ran back into the house and pulled out my young girl to safety.  Then he ran back into the house to pull out our baby son.  Finally, braving the terrible flames, he ran back in and collected our valuable heirlooms such as our wedding photo-album, and dragged them all out onto the front lawn, to safety.  Then he ran to the well and filled a bucket with water and ran back to the house to pour the water on the flames.  He kept running back and forth from the well to the house, keeping the flames under control until the fire-engine rolled up.  "Wow, what an amazing pig!" exclaimed the man from the city, leaning on a fence-post and looking intently at the pig.  "But you haven't told me how it got the wooden leg" he reminded the farmer.  "Oh," said the farmer, "you don't eat a pig like that all at once!"

- wrote this one from memory, since I couldn't find a version that was any good online.



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