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Another excellent video advert from Catholic Vote . This unoffensive and non-judgmental advert was scheduled to air during the Super Bowl on NBC, however they refused to show it because they claimed that they didn't want to air political or issue advocacy advertisements.

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Blogger Canterbury Atheists said...

Please indulge me one second here Andy,

When God drowned everyone on the planet in the genocidal great flood (excepting of course, the polygamist, drunk Noah and his brats. The off-spring of whom, by definition, went on to indulge in incest) – did this act of mass murder include (a.) pregnant woman (b.) babies/infants that were too young to know what was right and what was wrong?

I was pondering this last night, actually.

Did the Christian God kill hundreds of thousands if not millions of pregnant women and babies/toddlers?

Interesting one,eh.



9:33 am, February 03, 2009 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We can only presume Yes.

You assume people are born innocent and become sinful later, as many happy-clappy people like to do. Christianity actually teaches that ALL have sinned - which includes both the unborn and the elderly. So God punishing the unborn is as just as him punishing an adult. At the same time, a human killing the unborn is as unjust as a human killing an adult. There is no difference in the rights of a human with age.

Feel free to believe what you will, we know you are set in your ways and do not have these discussions to find out about Christianity, rather to stir up an argument. However I thought I'd comment so other readers wouldn't think God was being inconsistent.

10:31 am, February 03, 2009 
Blogger Canterbury Atheists said...

Not the place to enter a debate on this with you there Sam.Come to my joint where I've expanded on this - rather than bothering Andy eh mate? Ta. Paul.

9:48 am, February 04, 2009 

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