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Timeless Cinematic Moments 18

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John Roakesmith (Steven Mackintosh) embraces Bella Wilfer (Anna Friel) towards the end of BBC's 1998 adaptation of Charles Dickens' Our Mutual Friend. Thats about the third time I've watched this excellent film, however the first time to see all of it. Previously we had watched the version that we taped when it was on TV, however the DVD version gave even greater depth and intrigue to the mysterious story. Numerous sub-plots with seemingly weak links to each other come together weaving one of Dickens' most complex and celebrated novels onscreen. This moment in the film is one of the defining points as the mysterious Mr. Roakesmith and his love Bella are finally reconciled. The film is wonderful but not without some annoying aspects that could have been avoided. Not only this but Charles Dickens in his infinite wisdom saw fit to bring together two people: one an arrogant, lazy, hateful man - Mr. Eugene Rayburn, with another - a lovely, noble and selfless young woman, Lizzie Hexam (played very well by period drama favourite, Keeley Hawes). Argh!

There's more than meets the eye... with you.



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