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If At First You Don't Succeed, Tri, Tri Again

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this triangle is the same shape and size...
Nathan handed me one of Ray Comfort's Gospel tracts before as we were cleaning out the room. It's one of the ones with a bunch of optical illusions, with the gospel message beginning "Many things in life can be an illusion, but one thing is sure - ten out of ten die..."

same pieces: where did the hole come from?
I'd seen them all before - apart from this confounded triangle illusion. I sat there and studied the darned thing for ages, then had to reconstruct the images on my computer to see how the pieces fitted together. Finally I turned to Google for help. This fulla, Mark Wieczorek seems to have it sorted out pretty well. Don't look though, until you've had a good shot at working it out.


Blogger bethyada said...

I have seen this before and I had to solve it. Though it is easier with the squares drawn in. The slopes on the small triangles are not the same. The top large triangle is slightly concave, the bottom one is slightly convex. The difference between the hypotenuses will be the same as the area of the square.

8:06 pm, July 10, 2009 
Blogger bethyada said...

Your commenting system is dodgy. It brings up windows without scroll bars.

8:07 pm, July 10, 2009 
Blogger Andy Moore said...

Yep, it had me racking my brains... hmmm what's wrong with the commenting system? I'm guessing it's your browser? ;)

10:52 pm, July 10, 2009 
Blogger bethyada said...

I'm using firefox.

When I post a comment it brings up a window with my comment in it and the word verification and the submit button (or whatever it is). Except that the verification and the submit are below the bottom of the window but there is no scroll bar to the right. I can use my tab button to jump to the hidden material, but someone else may be inclined to assume the combox is broken and leave.

6:03 pm, July 11, 2009 
Blogger Andy Moore said...

heck that's weird - never does it for me and I use Firefox. Thanks for letting me know though, I'll see what's happening.

11:15 pm, July 11, 2009 

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