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Snowed Under

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It's real cold in Christchurch at the moment, have to let my hands thaw out before I can take my helmet off and lock up my bike when I get to uni in the mornings. Hasn't snowed yet though - some trees are starting to blossom so I think there's hope yet.

Anyway I'm snowed under with a fair number of things on the go, not least the smacking referendum which is bearing down on us over the next few weeks.

The recent Gallup poll in the States indicating that 51% of Americans identify themselves as pro-life has relevance here in New Zealand. There is a groundswell of opposition to the killing of unborn children and I am heavily involved in this. We're just starting up a new pro-life group in Masterton with another planned for the beginning of next year in Auckland.

Should probably be getting some study done at some stage there. Yeah I'm pretty much snowed under. Posting will be pretty light for a few days until I get back on top of things.



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