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What's Wrong with Public Schools?

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Leaving aside the philosophical argument, or the Scriptural basis against the very concept of public schools, how about this...

Fathers Day cards banned at schools

"Primary schools throughout Scotland banned children from making Fathers Day cards to avoid upsetting children from single-mother or lesbian homes.

The policy, which affected thousands of children, was adopted by schools in Glasgow, Edinburgh, East Renfrewshire, Dumfries and Galloway and Clackmannanshire...

..teachers are expected to behave with common sense but be sensitive to “the changing pattern of family life.”

Matt O’Connor, founder of campaign group Fathers For Justice, said: “I’m astonished at this. It totally undermines the role and significance of fathers”.

“It also sends out a troubling message to young boys that fathers aren’t important,” he added..."

- excerpt from an article at The Christian Institute

Or this...

One in three secondary schools have sex clinic

"Children as young as 11 have on-site access to contraception, abortion advice and tests for pregnancy and sex bugs at one third of secondary schools, a new survey reveals.

The survey of over 2,000 secondary schools in England also finds that one in six schools are giving out the morning-after pill.

Most parents are not told if their child makes use of such sex services.

There was an outcry in 2004 when a 14-year-old school girl was given abortion pills without her mother’s knowledge.

The girl was advised at her school’s sex clinic by a 28-year-old health worker.

Recent official figures showed a dramatic jump in the number of abortions carried out on girls aged under 14 – up 21 per cent in just one year.

Despite this, sex education activists have welcomed the rapid spread of school sex clinics and called for sex lessons to be made mandatory starting at age five..."

- excerpt from an article at The Christian Institute

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