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Joe Bennett Unleashed

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A brilliant excerpt from an interview with Joe Bennett, aptly entitled, "Joe Bennett Unleashed" - written up by Zoe George, and found in the April/May 2008 edition of the Canterbury Today business magazine.

Child abuse is a topic of great discussion among New Zealanders, particularly in the wake of Sue Bradford's controversial anti-smacking bill getting the governmental nod of approval last year. A move some could say hand delivered 'nanny-state' accusers gift-wrapped, iron-clad evidence.

Many believe this legislation removed the rights of good parents to parent properly and does nothing to prevent abusers of children from abusing. Joe feels very strongly against child abuse, but not in the sense most of us think of it as.

"Real child abuse is having a kid go through the state education for 12 years and coming out unable to read and write. It's like we are tying a ball and chain around their leg and then we are amazed that they become criminals. If we can't produce literate children then don't look at the children, it is the system that has let them down."

One system that will continue on within this country is the ever-increasing tax on cigarettes and tobacco in New Zealand. Most packets retail at approximately $13, with nearly 90% of that going to the Government in tax. A quarter of the population smokes - a proportion that's often more than that which elect the Government.

"Ciggies are an economic good and massively good for human society. They bump us off at an age when we become dependant on the state. If I die at 65 instead of 85, that's a lot of pension I don't collect," Joe says as he waves his arms around and the smoke from his cigarette circles into the air.

Yes... interesting, very interesting.

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Blogger Lydz said...

wow, that's interesting all right. I didn't know that the Government takes 90% of the retail price of cigarettes! That's criminal.

2:36 pm, July 19, 2008 
Blogger Elllie said...

Flipping heck! I agree with Lydz, that is criminal.

And that's a very interesting view of child abuse...

5:08 pm, March 20, 2009 
Blogger freedomfighter said...

two unlikely liberals ;) I like it.

1:33 am, March 23, 2009 

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