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Latest Energy Drink a Lemon

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As part of my market research in energy-drinks, and in what some would refer to as an impulse buy, I grabbed a can of V Lemon off the cold shelf at the Supermarket, knocking me back by a cool $1.45.

"Might be a bit of a lemon", Josh came out of an aisle, holding a 1L bottle of orange juice, and with a smile that was something like saintly sarcasm on his face.

Well, it was a lemon, comprable to Coca Cola's shot at Raspberry Coke. On a couple of the gulps, I got this awful chemical-lemon flavour at the back of my throat... not too cool. I'm going to stick to the good old V Berry.


Blogger Jono McGarvey said...

I agree re the "awful chemical-lemon flavour" not many people can get that lemon flavouring right. We must have been drinking this within an hour of each other, I cracked mine open at about 11:45am.

5:28 pm, June 21, 2008 
Blogger Andy Moore said...

Mate! I bought my can at... about 11:40am, then walked down the length of Riccarton mall - with some other gut-rot we bought at Pak'n Save, for the 11:50 screening of Prince Caspian. I hope to blog on this tomorrow.

To the days mate, the days.

10:37 pm, June 21, 2008 
Blogger Rivers Daughter said...

Oh please blog about Prince Caspian, I would love to know what you thought of it. And umm gag to the post, you and my brothers, I don't know what you see in that stuff. Coffee or tea is the way to go I think.

2:05 pm, June 24, 2008 
Blogger Andy Moore said...

...Yes, coffee or tea is the way to go, but still, the odd can of V or Lift+ is really good. I'm working on cutting back though!

Blogging on Prince Caspian will be a struggle... which is while I've put it off... but something should turn up eventually... :)

6:07 pm, June 24, 2008 
Blogger Simeon said...

Good on you man for cutting back. But you had better remember the one you are giving to me!!

8:07 pm, June 24, 2008 
Anonymous Glenn said...

I LOVED Raspberry Coke!

12:07 am, June 26, 2008 
Blogger Rivers Daughter said...

Well as long as it eventually turns, up I'll let it pass :).

3:10 pm, June 27, 2008 

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