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The Ultimate Exam

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Tonight at Campus Church, Warren spoke briefly before the service on "The Biggest Exam in Life". After the service I asked him for his notes because the point he made was so important, and presented in an original and compelling way. His notes on the desk in front of me read as follows...

"In the last few weeks we've been striving and stressing to pass our exams.

But have you stopped and thought to yourself "I've passed the biggest exam in life! Thanks to Jesus, I have an A+ in God's eyes"

Think about other religions, they strive so hard just to pass the final exam, they go through their whole lives unsure whether they have passed or not, and they won't find out till they die. A whole life of uncertainty.

But we know now! If our trust is in Jesus Christ and Him alone, we have an A+ in God's eyes."

Here's a link where you can download sermons from the Campus Church website. Every week, I am really impressed by the down to earth, no mucking around preaching. The Bible is at the center of the service, and some really thought-provoking ideas for application really hit me each time.

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Blogger Andy Moore said...

Lol, this is hilarious. Someone with nothing better to do has been going through every post on the blog and rating it with one star.


5:24 pm, June 30, 2008 

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