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Timeless Cinematic Moments 4

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"Wilson I'm sorry... I'm sorry... Wilson!... I can't... Wilson... WILSON!!!"
(at 1:39:35)

Chuck Noland (Tom Hanks) cries out to his friend Wilson, unable to save him as he drifts away. Tom Hanks plays a FedEX executive who is marooned on a desert island in Robert Zemeckis's film Cast Away (2000). This is without a doubt, one of Tom's best pieces of acting. Not only was it a demanding role both physically and mentally, but also the aspect that he's the only actor for the bulk of the movie. Alan Silvestri's score is a wonderful touch to the movie.

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Anonymous GB said...

We never did find out what was in that last parcel that Chuck (Tom) kept safe all that time, and finally delivered.

Wouldn't it have been ironic if it were a waterproof, solar powered sattelite phone!


12:18 am, June 25, 2008 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah, but who cares
its a nice movie the way it is

9:16 pm, October 15, 2009 

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