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UK: Abortion set to lower to 20 week limit

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This just in from The Telegraph 29 March 2008

"Hundreds of MPs are to vote to lower the abortion limit to 20 weeks in a move which could lead to the first change in the law on terminations for nearly two decades.

At least 200 members from all parties are poised to back a reduction, many motivated by medical advances that have resulted in many more premature babies surviving.

Department of Health data shows 909 children were born between 22 and 24 weeks of pregnancy in 2005 and 250 survived for at least a year.

The pro-life MPs are confident that a "substantial" number of colleagues will choose to abstain rather than vote against lowering the limit from 24 weeks, which could lead to the measure being passed into law..."

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Fantastic. Let's see this happen in all Western Countries, let's stop this tradition of culturally acceptable child-genocide.



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