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Acting up in Auckland

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Andy, Rodney, Simeon

The 2008 ACT Conference was excellent, heard from some great and knowledgeable speakers who have been in the political game for a very long time. Had a good sit down and a chat with Rodney Hide just before we all headed back home at the end of the conference. Caught up with John Boscawen and Muriel Newman for a few minutes which was a treat.

Met some intelligent young people at the conference - and some not so intelligent young people who for the present will remain nameless. Fish and Chips and a discussion on who was in what electorate sorted out Friday night - we left the big shots to their Chinese meal, and then for Saturday lunch it was Red Rooster "it's gotta be red", which wasn't worth writing home about, just a KFC rip-off.

For an overview of the conference, check out Rick's blog. And for a more in depth look at the speeches, check out the No Minister blog, where Fairfacts Media has liveblogged on the conference. Stayed the first couple of nights at Fairfact's place in Orewa on the outskirts of Auckland. He distinguishes himself by not having any milk for the weet-bix, but "a couple of bottles of wine chilling in the fridge" as he put it. Great guy, and good of him to put Rick and I up.



Blogger Rick said...

You sure did make the best of your time in Auckland. Good stuff mate.

8:28 am, March 19, 2008 

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