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Traffic Jam

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Time for a bit of history.  A short entry from an irregularly kept journal, from my 6 month overseas trip back in 2005.

Britain.  Halfway from Cornwall to Bristol.

1355 hours, 30/06/2005.


I thought this was a good time to write another of my regular weekly updates...  We're in the middle of a huge traffic jam; makes driving in Auckland on a wet Friday afternoon seem a joke.  Apparently there's 15 cars involved in a pile-up.  From the comfort of our borrowed black Ford Galaxy, (a seven seater with one seat removed to make space for luggage), All I can see infront and behind is cars vans and trucks.  Mums just chatting to a police officer who is bravely backing along the shoulder of the road, apparently, from the crash site, (up ahead), to the previous exit.  We saw a helicopter a while ago.  Must have done a short documentary on the jam.  Fair enough.  Looks like we're going to be here at least another couple of hours.  Torrential rain is at the moment un-decided, having been on and off all day, sometimes drizzling miserably, and at times so thick and foggy that Dad could hardly see to drive.  There's been that many coppers (as the Limeys so properly put it), ambulances and fire engines, rushing first down the right hand lane (traffic coming towards us), and then screaming up the shoulder of the road, on our side, up to the accident scene.

I'm not sure if you needed to hear about this, let alone want to hear about it.  But I thought it was interesting enough and relevant enough at the time to write about.

Well, following, an update on what we've been to since just before crossing the ditch.  The little creek they call the English Channel.


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