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Written ages ago. About 2000. By Andrew Moore

Flicking through the pages of the paper.
Mum saw an ad to excite her,
It in bold writing informed us about,
A fishing day Smiths City would shout
And without loss of time, a tittle jot,
Was written on the calendar whether it liked it or not.

It was going to be at The Avon river.
As The time grew near I gave a little shiver,
Because the day was cold,
It was not until later I discovered it was worth its weight in gold.
We loaded The van with our gear and sped off down the road,
With our ever hopeful load.

A parking spot we nabbed before it was too late.
We pulled out our fishing rods with a slow determined grate,
We filed past a person sitting at a desk in a tent.
Getting enrolled for the fishing as we went,
We found there was going to he halt supplied,
And a sausage sizzle for which I could have died.

After we had found a place we settled down into our chairs.
Hooks baited the fishing began amidst occasional cheers.
With baited hooks flying through the air,
And people fiddling round with fishing gear.
I wandered over to the main Tent where I was told-,
that the largest fish caught would win a bag of gold

I got a sausage after waiting half an hour in a queue,
Then I took my little brother for a walk as something to do.
We went to get our faces painted (I wondered how I would look)
But I soon forgot my worries and sported one colossal hook

We went back to our posy where we resumed the life,
Of a fisherman's fun and strife,
I walked along the bank awhile for some exercise,
When I saw an eel hauled in of gigantic size-
A bit less than a metre long it was, the biggest catch
A size so far that no one else could match

The prize giving was announced, I ran towards the stand,
And wondered who would win the prize grand.
First The spot prices were handed out and that was done,
When a little buy was proclaimed to have won-

A lolly scramble began fists and feet new,
I caught only a few.(of both)
A vague voice on the loud speaker had something to announce,
A trout has just been landed but I heeded that not an ounce,
I knew it couldn't be our fish I just did,
Flailing feet and snatching hands amid,
So I dived in headlong - into the heap,
And fumbled for lollies in bodies deep.

Out of The corner of my eye 1 saw my brother,
Marching through a mass of people, shoving one another.
In his hands he bore a net with - WOWE !
A trout t'would stand half again right up to his knee,
For a moment I was drowned in utter confusion,
And then I knew it was an illusion-

Simon I shouted whose fish have you got.
It's a monstrous magnificent whopper great Scott!
"It's ours I caught it, it went on our hook,"
I pushed up closer To take a look,
It's not ours I told him - the 8th commandment say's not to steal
'I didn't" he told me "Oh what a lovely meal!"

T started to comprehend that this was our trout,
When Dad came along and gave a great shout
The loudspeaker roared come look at the catch,
that absolutely nobody else will match.
Simon stood up high wanted by the lime light,
I got up closer and helped him to skite.

Here you are a big man said here's your prize,
I "thanked him a lot" with a sparkle in my eye,
Two movie tickets and a reel of line,
Thankyou Mr. for your time...
We went to The butchers to get the trout smoked,
We still with amazement almost choked.

Enough is enough so I must end, leaving the story in your head to blend


* The trout weighed over six kilograms
* The Trout was over 800 centimetres long.
* The trout was brown-
* The trout was pulled in with undersized fishing gear,

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