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RU486 (Chemical) Abortion: Faking the Body Out

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Randall K. O’Bannon, Ph.D. is speaking

The process of an RU486 abortion is:
  • Anti-progestin or anti progesterone is taken
  • Shuts down baby's life support system
  • Baby shovels and dies
  • Menstrual process initiated
  • Prostaglandin (PG) forces baby out
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration protocol states that the woman must be no more than 49 days since her last menstrual period, as effectiveness drops at this point. However Planned Parenthood commits chemical abortions up to 63 days (9 weeks). PP's NZ affiliate, the Family Planning Association is currently seeking a license from the pro-abortion Abortion Supervisory Committee to commit these abortions. RU486 abortions are already being committed in a handful of abortion mills in New Zealand.

Still a baby, still an abortion:
  • 3wks - 5wks: nervous system forming, heart beginning first beats
  • 5wks - 7wks: baby's face, arms and legs are distinguishable
  • 7wks - 9wks: child's ears, fingers, toes formed; nearly an inch tall
"Downsides" of RU486 abortions:
  • bloodier and more painful than advertised - "you lose more blood from a RU486 abortion than from a surgical abortion". Chemical abortion wounds are larger than those of surgical abortions, and they stay open for longer.
  • takes longer than a surgical abortion
  • short window of time within which to kill the child
O'Bannon is reading through the specific details of the deaths of a large number of young women who underwent a RU486 abortion.

Mothers who have had RU486 abortions have reported seeing tiny fists, eyes, aborted babies lying in toilets or on the floor of the shower - this is because mothers are given the misopristol at the abortion mill, and then go home and wait for the drugs to kill their pre-born child. Once this has taken place, the prostaglandin pill is taken (this costs about $1), which brings about the expulsion.

RU486 was approved for use in the U.S. in September 2000. Guttmacher states that chemical abortions were at 6% of all abortions in 2000, 70,500 in 2001 and 161,100 in 2005. O'Bannon states that the numbers will be much higher now in 2010, however we are unsure as to a close estimate. Back in New Zealand, ALRANZ is bemoaning the lack of chemical abortions, and are strongly backing the FPA's bid to become a Chemical abortion provider.

Below is an account of an RU486 abortion written by an abortive mother on 29/4/2001:

I am 23 years old and I would say, very careless about protection. I am the mother of three children although I've been pregnant more times than that. I would be a hypocrite to deny that I've been pro-choice. I thought the "abortion pill" was a more humane way to terminate and so I used that method. I remember going over paper work that told me that because the pregnancy was very early, there wouldn't be a visible embryo and it would "seem" like a normal period. That information was then confirmed by the ultrasound technician as well as the counselor. The pregnancy was in the seventh week.
After receiving the drink of methotrexate, I left for home with a prescription for pain medication and a packet of misoprostol tablets. Five days later as instructed, I inserted the tablets and waited. A few hours later severe cramping began as well as a gush of "pregnancy tissue" . While cleaning myself up, I noticed something silvery attached to the tissue. I looked closer only to realize that I was staring at my aborted child. I could see the protrusion on it's chest where just six days ago, a heart had beat. The eyes were beginning to form already. No one told me that this might happen, in fact, I was guaranteed that it wouldn't . I'll never be the same again.

p.s. this is an actual photo, taken by me.

This was a great session on a disgusting and disturbing subject.

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Anonymous Lydie said...

The woman's story was so awful. Allowing women to take RU486 makes abortions just a 'medical procedure' and forcing them to expel the dead child at home does the same. I guess they think that women won't see that the 'tissue' is a child when it's only up to 49 days old.

10:28 pm, June 26, 2010 
Anonymous Anne said...

This is heartbreaking for me! I lost a tiny baby in 2008 through miscarriage. We have 6 children, each one precious and a blessing, and although I was surprised to be expecting again, I was delighted.
It was emotionally excrutiating to go through "labour" at about 10 weeks, although physically it wasn't too bad.
Like the woman above, I didn't know if I would see my baby, but I did. She was really tiny as she died at only a few weeks. It is very difficult for me to see the pictures of tiny babies now on websites such as this.
I am so glad you are making known the dangers of abortion.
If anyone reading this is thinking about aborting their baby - please think again - this child is tiny, but still your child.
Think about how you would feel if you had a lovely chubby 2 year old whose body was crushed by a big truck in a road accident. Then think again about what you are going to do to that same body before he or she even has the opportunity to become the chubby 2 year old.

6:25 pm, August 18, 2010 
Blogger Admin said...

Thanks for your comment Anne. Sorry to hear of your loss :(

2:36 pm, August 20, 2010 

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