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The Future of Planned Parenthood: Building the Abortion Empire

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Randall K. O’Bannon, Ph.D. is speaking on "The Future of Planned Parenthood: Building the Abortion Empire Through Mega-Clinics and Chemical Abortion".

How Planned Parenthood and the Family Planning Association Make More Money on Chemical Abortions
Mifepristone pills cost $90 each. Initially, abortion mills committing chemical abortions would give the woman three misoprostol pills and then give them one Misoprostol pill (prostaglandin @ $1 each) afterwards to expel the dead child. This made the cost approximately $270. However to raise their profit margin, Planned Parenthood gave women just one Mifepristone pill, and two Misoprostol pills afterwards which achieved essentially the same result - it would kill the child and cause it to be expelled from its mothers uterus - but making Planned Parenthood a higher profit margin.

Planned Parenthood says "It's not about abortion"
Cecile Richards has stated that 97% of PP's activities are focused on reducing pregnancies.
In 1990: 129,155 out of 1608,600 (8%)
In 2007: 305,310 out of 1206200 (25.3%)

Planned Parenthood has many profits connected to abortion - add-on expenses.

Abortion sales contributes over a third of Planned Parenthood's income.

Standard prices:
pregnancy test: $10 - $20
packet of pills: $15 - $25
abortion: $413

Break-down of PP's patients:
abortions: 305,310
prenatal patients: 10,914
infertility clients: 318
adoption referrals: 4,912

Planned Parenthood is very politically active...
There's two Planned Parenthoods: Planned Parenthood Federation of America and the Planned Parenthood Action Fund. Cecile Richards heads up both of these organisations. She has no medical background. In 2006 she said,

"Planned Parenthood has 860 health centers around the country in 50 states. We have more members, more employees and staff, than the 50 state Democratic parties combined. We have the potential to swing the vote in 2006, 2008 and 2010, and that’s a lot of power. So the question is what are we going to do with it? The answer is: We’re gonna use it. We’re gonna marry our current reality as the largest reproductive health-care provider in this country with our opportunity to be the largest kickass advocacy organization in this country.

We’re gonna channel our strength, our outreach, our power; work with our pro-choice allies to help progressive voices win in America. We’re revving up online; we’re putting volunteers on the phone and on the doors. We’re taking on the opponents of choice in the states and the districts where they live. Planned Parenthood has gotta become more political so that health care can become less politicized."

Questions & Comments from the Audience...
"Birth control pills are Planned Parenthood's bread and butter. Even on the days they don't do abortions, they're still selling the pills."

"How is it that Planned Parenthood that receives 330 million from the Govt. each year, then allowed to lobby?"... "Truth is, it's because they're Planned Parenthood." They're just playing the books carefully.

This was another darned good session. Very useful information for us Kiwis as the Family Planning Association is an affiliate of Planned Parenthood.

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