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Gearing Up for the Mid-Terms

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Karen Cross, political director for NRLC, David N. O'Steen Ph.D., executive director of NRLC and Daria St. Martin, assistant executive director of NRLC are speaking in a session on "Preparing for the Next Round - 2010", the midterm elections in the U.S.

4.5% voted for McCain and 0.5% voted for Obama on the issue of abortion in the 2008 election. 10% voted Republican on economy compared with 24% who voted Democrat for economy.

In 2006, 22% said Iraq was the most important consideration in voting, compared with 3% for abortion.

2008 Election polling:
Those who had pro-life beliefs: 53%
Those for whom abortion was the "most important" issue and they voted for candidates who oppose abortion: 4.5%

58% would like to repeal the Health Care Act as opposed to 35% who do not.

O'Steen says, If you see three children drowning, and they're in three separate directions and you can only save one, you jump in the water and swim as fast as you can to the closest one. This same principle should be applied to where we direct our efforts in fighting abortion. Do we wait until we can save all babies from abortion at one go, or do we save them as we go?

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