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Smoking Harms Unborn Babies... Really?

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Was surprised to see this smoking warning from the Australian Govt. on a pack of cigarettes. The warning reads,

"Smoking during pregnancy reduces the flow of blood in the placenta and limits the oxygen and nutrients that reach the growing baby. This increases the risk of miscarriage, stillbirth, premature birth, complications during birth or the baby having a smaller brain and body."

But who cares? The Aussie Govt. sure as heck doesn't. Look at Victoria where they've removed the right of doctors to be able to choose to have nothing to do with abortions for conscience' sake, and have decriminalised abortion up to birth. Or Queensland where in 2007 alone, 19 babies over 20wks survived an abortion attempt but were left to die, refused life-saving help.


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Blogger The Editrix said...

Very true. . . you know, I'd never picked up on the irony of that before.

It seems to me that if a woman wants her baby, it's a human being. If she doesn't want the baby, then it's just a bunch of cells that has the potential to become a human being. . . since when have we had the power to decide what's a human being and what isn't. . . we've lost all value of human life.

9:24 am, September 12, 2009 
Blogger Andy Moore said...

correct. it's highly unprincipled and evil subjectivity.

7:22 pm, September 12, 2009 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know, some call fetus parasites, not human, so it's ok to kill them.

Some say that fetus are intruders, kind of unwelcomed guests perhaps, so it's ok to 'take care' of them. I wonder if it is lawful for me to remove unwelcomed guests from my house using those drugs and equipments they use for abortion.

One person even suggests we can not call abortion murder. Because murder is illegal and abortion is not, so we can not call it murder ... I'm still stumped on that one!

11:29 pm, October 03, 2009 
Blogger Andy Moore said...

good points there anon.

3:14 am, October 04, 2009 

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