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Bradford to Leave Parliament

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The NZ Herald has confirmed the rumour that 57yr old Green MP Sue Bradford has announced her retirement after ten years in Parliament. She will be leaving Parliament at the end of the month. Bradford will be replaced by David Clendon who is currently at number 10 on the list. She stated in the Green Party's press release, “I’ll always be politically active and Parliament is just one vehicle for political change" - she's absolutely correct, and good on her.

She's not a very popular lady, with 87.4% of Kiwis opposed to her Anti-Smacking law which the Prime Minister continues to support. The majority of MPs are also in disagreement with the law which criminalises good parents who use reasonable force for the purpose of correcting their children - though they are unable to state this publically. And of course her own colleagues in the Green Party are sick and tired of the smacking issue and want to rebrand and move on to other issues. Refusing Bradford the position of co-leader after the announcement of Fitzsimons' retirement was quite likely a hint from the caucus that it was time for her to pack her bags.

"I’ll be going back to the grassroots”
A few quotes from Sue Bradford...

"The men that are anti this bill are sexual perverts and get a kick out of hitting children" - Stuff, NZ Herald

"Smacking has never been a criminal offence, and still isn't" - Scoop

"Parents need to accept that it is no longer legal to hit children." - Newstalk ZB

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Blogger Simeon said...

I think this is actually another weakness in the MMP system. Parties don't have to worry about list mp's resigning, as the next on the list just fills the spot.

Sue was elected for a 3 year term. List MP's should be forced to stick it out, unless there is a very serious reason.

7:58 am, September 28, 2009 
Blogger Andy Moore said...

I agree - regulations and guidelines around list MPs need to be reviewed. Ideally, a list MP's only role in parliament would be catering.

11:48 am, September 28, 2009 
Anonymous Slightly Baffled said...

Can you please stop stating that 87% of New Zealanders voted against the smacking law...only 54% of voters turned up to vote, and that wasn't even the question the referendum asked. You are a 22 year old single young man, please explain to me the obssession with other peoples rights to "smack" their children??

4:50 pm, October 03, 2009 
Blogger Andy Moore said...

The polls since 2005 averaged out show that 82.9% of Kiwis are opposed to the Anti-Smacking law, so while the referendum question didn't directly ask about the law, the sentimets are quite clear.

More people voted NO, than voted in the new Government. Most Colmar Bruntan polls etc, are taken with 1,000 respondents and generally taken to be pretty well representative - so a poll of 1.6 million is going to be very close to reality.

Does being a 22yr old single male in any way disqualify me from expressing myself on any subject I should choose?

8:17 pm, October 03, 2009 
Blogger Simeon said...

I'm slightly baffled here. How on earth can one have the audacity to challenge one's freedom of speech based on their age?

Learn a bit of statistics and you will quickly realize that an independent random sample of 30 is big enough to gauge opinion on a subject and apply the findings to the whole population.

8:27 am, October 05, 2009 
Blogger Lydz said...

so glad she's gone. Celebration time..

4:40 pm, October 06, 2009 

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