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Cooking with Andy 3

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In July 08 we learned how to make Twirly Pasta with Lacerated Greens and Dead Cow. Then in August I divulged a contraband recipie from war-torn Scandinavia; Apple and Honey sandwiches. Now we bring you Cooking With Andy 3, a sensationally simple, and yet unique desert: Poor Old Pears. It's a real quick recipie; not very ponsy, but a healthy snack. You could listen to Bittersweet by Poor Old Lu while you prepare this...

You need some pears.
and a lime. (1 per 4 pears)

Get the skin off the pears. You can use a sharp little knife, or a peeler.
Cut the pears into quarters and put them on a plate nicely.
Cut your lime in half and squash it in your hand to drip the juice over the pear slices.




Blogger WERMELINGER said...

i feel a sudden and uncontrollable urge to go eat some "Poor Old Pears". too bad we don't have any. will apples do, you think?

11:40 am, April 21, 2009 
Blogger Rivers Daughter said...

Sigh, my sister done poached your blog...

You have a touch of Martha Stewert in your recipies...I'm not sure what kind of touch but it is a touch...

1:32 pm, April 21, 2009 
Blogger Andy Moore said...

No, apples absolutely will not do! Can you imagine... lime juice on apples? not cool! It could be an idea though, to come up with a variation of the recipie that could subsitute apples for pears. Would take complex theories and algorithms though - certainly not a simple task.

Heheh, Martha Stewart eh, thankyou... I had to google her... name rang a bell though.

2:02 pm, April 21, 2009 
Anonymous Jessica : ) said...

You should audition for Top Chef : )

1:32 am, April 22, 2009 
Blogger Rivers Daughter said...

ha I forgot not everyone knows who Martha Stewart is...

3:16 am, April 22, 2009 
Anonymous lydie said...

seriously, these pears taste fantastic. Whatcha say to some poor old pears at avo tea?

1:08 pm, April 23, 2009 

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