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Cherishsiliala Tahuri-Wright

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cherishThree-year-old Cherishsiliala Tahuri-Wright died from severe head injuries on 17 February. The police have charged a 56-year-old woman with her murder. The day following the incident, the Manawatu Standard reported, "A neighbour who saw the girl laying in a bed at her grandmother's house said she was bruised, bloodied and gasping for breath."

And yet, rather than focus on the depravity of the low-life who bashed up this helpless little girl and left her to die of her wounds, the majority of the media goes on a witch-hunt after the St John Ambulance service. The deputy-mayor of Poriru-cum-family spokeswoman said, "It really pisses me off to think they dicked around for a couple of hours while a little girl was dying," said family spokeswoman and Porirua Deputy Mayor Litea Ah Hoi. You don't have to be Einstein to work out a child with head injuries has to go straight to hospital any parent would know that instinctively." - Stuff .Where's the outrage over the brutatlity against this little girl? There is a lot of attention paid to the alleged pathetic response time by the ambulance service, while the murder itself is brushed over.

However the man heading up the murder inquiry, Detective Senior Sergeant Craig Sheridan had a different view on the incident and said that "the ambulance response had been first rate". He understood the delay was because of the time it took to stabilise Cherish for transport. - TVNZ

In his usual irreverent style, Whaleoil commented back in March "She was also doomed by her first name, continuing the trend of tragic circumstances befalling people with silly first names." Obviously Cherishsiliala did not die because she has a silly name, but Whaleoil is pointing out that a high percentage of child abuse victims do have less than desirable names. The naming of children is not something that you would want to legislate on - at least within the bounds of decency. Nonetheless, giving a child a ridiculous name does them a decided disservice.

Dave at Big News looks at three hypotheses as to the cause of Cherishsilial's death. He concludes,

Then there is a third hypothesis. She was killed by a relative after that relative gave her severe head injuries. That relative has been charged with murder and is now in custody. Had her relative not given her severe head injuries, the the ambulance would not need to have been called. They would not have need to have "dicked around" trying to stabilise the poor kid her due to her horrific - and later fatal - injuries before taking her to hospital. Had Ah Hoi's relative not given this kid severe head injuries, the little girl would be alive today.

Which is the whole point. But our government doesn't get it. Instead of toughening up on sentencing for violent crimes, and adoption ACT's 3 Strikes and You're Out policy, Minister of Health Tony Ryall announces just over a month after the anniversary of this girl's murder that the government will be injecting $10 million into the ambulance sector. - InfoNews

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree here in Porirua as I guess other places there is a lot of throwing the blame where it should not be instead of the person who inflicted the injuries on wee poor Cherish, but as usual Litea goes off half cocked with an idiots interpretation of events by the fathers family.
I am furious with what has been said and what painful events Cherish's mum has been put through.
"Cherish was meant to be returned home after having a holiday with her grandparents and little cousin, her mum waited anxiously and she did not arrive, she tried to contact the grandparents with no response, she asked Nofosione Wright to take her to Marton to pick up their daughter, he refused because his family were always put before his daughter, 5 days later she passed away.
Thanks to the wonderful work of the Ambulance staff she made it back to her mum even though it was brief she made it.
Shame on all those who have used Cherish's death for their own self indulgence, if you don't know the facts don't make assumptions.

1:09 am, April 09, 2009 
Blogger Andy Moore said...

thanks for that insight. well said.

1:48 am, April 09, 2009 
Blogger Donzel said...

It really pisses me off to think they dicked around for a couple of hours while a little girl was dying," said family spokeswoman and Porirua Deputy Mayor Litea Ah Hoi.

The deputy mayor used the term "dicked around"? wow. that's vulgar AND insulting.

5:55 am, April 14, 2009 
Blogger Andy Moore said...

Completely agree Donzel - I hesitated when re-publishing that comment on my blog. Tells you something about the quality of her mayorship.

2:05 pm, April 14, 2009 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yet again Cherish's father goes to the papers, and still the same question, well why go to the papers at all he know's as much as her mother does wait for the court hearings only then will he find out what happened, but firstly look at himself why did he refuse to go get his daughter when asked by her mum? that is the real question. And why tell lies to the papers, like in his first article, he said he was going to buy her first bike well hello Nofosione if you took any notice of your daughter at all you would know she already owned a bike and it is still at the house.

To Nofosione Wright:
You say you had her every day we know that is a lie, what about the times Cherish was sick with Asthma and her mum asked you to take them to the Dr's or hospital your response was you have money get a taxi, shows a real caring father now doesn't it.
And the lie in the second statement to the paper that the police asked you at the hospital if you wanted custody that is the most hurtful lie you could ever tell. The Police did not ask you that, they were not there the first night Cherish was flown down from Palmy you said that if she lives you were going for custody, when we all knew that she wouldn't survive you were blaming and still are her mother and you have to stop it. Let Cherish rest in peace and her mum grieve in peace.
Between you and Litea Ah Hoi, your just muck raking liers.

Cherish was a beautiful little girl that loved to play, liked the colour pink and purple, loved to ride her bike on the driveway. Loved to play with the other children in her street. Loved to sing and dance, was happy loved her mummy.

Cherish's last to her mum on the phone thursday 12 February 2009:
"I love you mummy and ofo, me and Chiefy going to the park love you heaps mummy goodnight".

I don't know why you are doing all this Nofosione, wither it be for simpathy or money, you need to stop and think as the pain it is causing Cherish's family has to stop.

You haven't even seen her mum since the day of the funeral when you and your family abused the cemetary by stomping over childrens graves, and then standing there smoking, time you showed some respect.

3:25 pm, April 18, 2009 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He says in this article he didn't want her life support turned off, but it was explained what would happen if she survived which was 1%, and by wednesday evening she was going long before the life support was turned off.

Her mum was with her everymoment and where was the father no where to be found, yes he was grieving for his girl partly and I am guessing out of guilt as well, but he spent very little time with Cherish at the hospital, before they turned the life support off her mum sat in the lazy boy chair and they placed Cherish in her arms, the father was supposed to sit beside her and he didn't he sat in front of her then had the cheek to snatch Cherish from her mother's arms.

3:52 pm, April 18, 2009 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Anonymous in Porirua, sorry but you are no better than the spokesperson for the Father, just let it alone with the mud slinging, neither party is achieving anything & I don't believe he said, she said, makes anyone feel any better about the terrible fate that befell Dear Sweet Cherish so why tarnish her memory even more. You say wait for the court case to proceed well today we should know if bail is granted, I say not keep her locked up & throw away the key not only for what she did to Cherish, but for the way she continually abused (in many ways) poor little Chiefy, who lived in that god damn bloody pushchair 24/7. I can tell you we certainly dont miss seeing her wandering the streets of Marton from daylight til dark. I cannot for the life of me understand why either parent would have consented to Cherish being placed in that household, birthday party or not. If residents in Marton, who took steps to try to protect Chiefy, could see how unsuitable that environment was for a child, then surely a Mother could also see that this was not a safe place to leave her own child, even though she had herself survived an upbringing with this same monster. Or heaven forbid is this just another case of the Apple not falling far from tree, and so the cycle of abuse continues. Cherish will live on in the hearts & memories of many people & not only Whanau, but also others who tried to make a difference & so very sadly failed. Dear Sweet Cherish if only someone had listened. Arohanui.

1:27 pm, April 20, 2009 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous

Well if things were as you say they were, then there a steps people could have taken to prevent the abuse to the little one that has now been reunited with a caring family member.

It is not slinging, Cherish's mum it trying to get heard, as no one listens to the truth, only assumptions and lies.

Unless you muck rake and mud sling then it is not printable.
NO ONE would think it bad for a grandparent to look after a grandchild or two. It is not the fault of the mother, and you have made a huge error with your statement the Apple doesn't fall far from the tree in this case.
We are simply saying that with all the publicity from the father is to keep drawing on peoples heart strings for sympathy and koha's when in fact he didn't do what he says he did and then turning it on to Cherish's mum and poor ambulance officers where does it all end.
And with today's hearing still continuing with name suppression and held in custody, the blame for that is also put on Cherish's mum. So where does it end.

Cherish was a beautiful little girl who loved her mum and the colour pink and purple, ride her bike, play with her dollies and her kittens Wuffy and Pupples. Cherish was open and friendly to all who knew her, with a cheeky smile. Loved to pose for the camera. She liked to play with the other children in her street, these children miss her terribly, they regulary visit Cherish's memorial cross her mum has put up that the older children in the street made for her.

What the residents of Marton may or may not have seen, is totally different to what us family members here have seen. And no Cherish's mum didn't see the unhealthy environment that you are painting. She did not suspect anything at all.
Cherish was not an abused child by way of physical or emotional or any other way at any point in her life till this unfortunate event. So what are you implying by saying "if only someone had listened".
That is a judgement you cannot make unless you lived here in Porirua and new her upbringing.
And as the little one you have mentioned was a CYFs child, there is no way any notifications should have been ignored, and if by chance this is what happened, take it further. Expose the let down by these agencies, the more exposure to their failings may eventuate to some changes.

5:03 pm, April 20, 2009 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Slinging shots at her father? Do u not think that hes grieving for his daughter??? There is a woman responsible for her death, anything slung should be aimed at her. Whos idea was it in the first place to let her go to her Grandmothers house in the 1st place by herself? as much as i know, i feel that the mother is responsible for leaving her up there... GRr this whole thing upsets me! Why would a family thats just lost someone stomp on others graves? thats just dumb... I know that Nofo's family has been there supporting him as much as possible. Rest in Peace Cherish Alofa from all your Fanau.

12:56 pm, September 06, 2009 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The whole immediate family has a long CYFS history - nothing new there. Some were saved, one was not. Some have to live with the scares of emotional and physical pain for being born in that family.

10:09 pm, November 11, 2009 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Get f*#@ed you dont know shit f*#@ers thats from the horses mouth.. And you heard it first......

9:58 pm, March 15, 2010 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I second that last coment...

10:00 pm, March 15, 2010 
Blogger Andy Moore said...

@Anonymous, 10:00pm March 15...

not surprising, considering you're the same person.

2:06 pm, March 17, 2010 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the horse needs to floss

8:59 pm, April 14, 2010 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So now Granny is attempting to get a 4 year old family member to take the rap for murder! And recently, in a different incident, a 4 year old was set upon by an adult for wearing 'red'.
Perhaps granny and this man are related, they seem to have a similar outlook... and further still, perhaps cherishs cousin was wearing red and its probably his fault and the ambos, and Keys budget, and that cadburys has gone offshore....

1:06 am, May 19, 2010 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Animals look after their young better.

3:44 pm, May 20, 2010 
Anonymous PinkButterfly said...

After having seen the accused woman, her man & the little boy around our town on many previous occasions before the very sad death of little CHERISH, I felt the court case would be a nightmare & we would have no justice or peace of mind.
Now I find after having sat in court (I know, you think I'm nosy) for several days during this first week of the trial, I'm even more convinced that not only is the wrong person on trial, but even worse nobody is going to be held accountable for a yet another young sweet life taken tooooooo soon.
Dear Cherish a little Butterfly gone forever. Arohanui.


6:24 pm, May 22, 2010 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sadly Cherish was one that DIDN'T go on angels wings - it was all rather brutal to say the least
- Im not knocking your aroha though pink butterfly.

Are you saying that granny isnt the one or isnt the only one? I wasnt in court so can only go on assumptions - and mine are there are a number of people and organisations with blood on their hands, if not for the actual fatal event but for a the life that surrounded the child.

10:07 am, June 02, 2010 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rest in Peace sweet Cherish,
Know that I will spend my life helping sweet angels like you.
Prevention and education and support for whanau with difficulties
You will never be forgotten, always in my heart.

11:28 pm, June 18, 2010 

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