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Parental Authority and Public Schools

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World Net Daily has an article by Monday columnist Vox Day (21 April 08) which looks at the role of the Government in society. An excerpt is below, click here for the entire article.

"...not since the Waco massacre have I been so completely appalled by an American government action. The recent kidnapping of 416 children from their Fundamentalist LDS parents by Texas Child Protective Service agents is a unconscionable abnegation of not only the United States and Texas constitutions, but a rejection of the very meaning of what it is to be an American. For as P.J. O'Rourke rightly declares: "There is only one basic human right, the right to do as you damn well please."

Contrary to what a disturbing percentage of the voting population appears to believe, "protecting the children" is not a legitimate function of government. The concept appears nowhere in any constitution, and the very idea that the most lethal institution in human history, an institution that has killed more children than any other, can even be used to protect children is inherently oxymoronic. The state does not own the children whose families happen to reside within its boundaries and it does not possess the right to dictate what is and what is not a proper way for a family to raise its children.

Consider this absurd justification for the mass kidnappings offered by Angie Voss, the CPS kidnapper in chief, offered as an explanation for the mysterious preference of the abused women to remain with their supposed abusers instead of availing themselves of government shelters: "This population of women has a difficult time making decisions on their own." If a distaste for decision-making is legitimate grounds for removing children from their mothers, then there won't be a woman in America left with a child to call her own!..."

In another article, (3 March 08), Vox exposes the crumbling public education system in America. He quotes the College of Education at California State University, Sacramento...

There are four main goals that we have and will continue to focus on in the college, which are expressed in the acronym TEACH:
Transformative Leadership
Equity and Social Justice
Human Differences and Diversity

Vox responds,

"Of course, they only teach education, not mathematics, so one shouldn't expect these professional educators to be able to count to five. Perhaps they expect that "one-two-three-many" should suffice for the intellectually lobotomized victims of their trained thought-executioners, after all, we're reliably informed that it's enough for rabbits. A keen observer might also note that nowhere in the concepts expressed by these fiver main goals is anything even remotely related to a traditional education as the average parent understands one to be."

And then a little further down, encourages parents to withdraw their children from such institutions...

There is no point in attempting to fix such a lethally poisoned institution. Let the male teachers withdraw en masse from the system; they are not wanted anyway. Let no child be left behind as the illiterate and innumerate graduate with their meaningless degrees. Let the universities continue to devolve into remedial reading programs for unmarried women. Embrace the failures of the system with enthusiasm, because the sooner complete control is turned over to the cave-dwelling control freaks who seek to run it, the sooner the schools will collapse in ruins. Knowledge will still be accessible to those who seek it.

One cannot fix what is not broken, and the schools are working as they are designed to work. This is not a battle that can be fought and won; it is not a battle that should be fought. Homeschooling is but a stop-gap; in the long term, it is technology that will put an end to the 100-year American experiment with Prussian pragmatism. But until that day, do whatever you must to extricate your children from the system, teach them well and watch with confidence in the future as the professional educators immolate themselves and their system in a self-administered act of faith.

Click here for the entire article.

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Blogger Rivers Daughter said...

My family and I were talking about this at breakfast today and we wondered WHY the governments didn't remove the MEN from this situation. Do they not think it will be a punishment for the children to be torn away from their Mom’s and given into the care of strangers? It is the men who are propagating the lies that women have to married to be saved, that they can have lots of wives and ignore the law of the land. The men are the ones who are sanctioning it, and giving their daughters away at a very young age. The women are brain washed sure but to take their children away? If your going to take someone take THE MEN.

This is a hasty, and rather sinister step by the government in my mind. And what happened to letting people live their lives the way they want? Free love? The 60s? By gum if some girls didn’t want to live that way (and I DON’T blame them) get them out, but if others are happy (shudder) in a polygamist relationship uhhh I don’t think the Government has the right to step in and take all the kids away.

Oh here is an interview done with a ex FLDS lady who lives near us.,5143,695274460,00.html

4:54 am, May 01, 2008 
Blogger Andy Moore said...

Hi, thanks for commenting :)

Your first paragraph, - very patriachal just thinking about it, raises a good point - if God made men, and then woman to be a man's helper, then it is the man's responsibility to what goes on in the home - and so your call to take the men is fair enough... But then, there is the disempowerment of men, the whole feminist movement which really does undermine that... hard to know.

If polygamy was illegal, - as it should be, then the "marriage" is unlawful, and it may be that the State should (ideally) pass on the job of relocating the children to a community group or Church.

However, if it isn't illegal, as is the case, then the Government has no jurisdiction at all to bowl in and take children they feel may be at risk.

Heh, looks like a good interview, will have a listen.

7:54 am, May 01, 2008 

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