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Blues no match for Crusaders Steel

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What an excellent game. The Crusaders fought hard against the rowdy Blues, and defeated them! I think I've lost my voice for a day or two, we'll see. Lyd told me I was getting pretty loud - but I couldn't really hear myself. CAN...A...BRYYYYYY!!!. Oh, good times.

The Blues were no match for the Crusaders!

In memory of the brave New Zealand and Australian Soldiers at Gallipoli, a lone soldier played the Last Post as we all stood. No words were said; the silence spoke. I was disgusted at the impudence of a few animals who shouted out the name of their team, as the trumpeter paused during his performance. And no, it didn't seem right to clap at the end, it's a solemn thing. We don't have to defile everything with clapping do we?

Argh, and then the half-time "entertainment", how utterly degrading and repulsive. Couples were asked to start kissing if they saw themselves on the big screen. Not just a peck, we're talking serious snogging here. The thing was rigged, I'm sure of it. They filmed three "couples". First two women, then two men, then a man and a woman. I couldn't care less what they do in the privacy of their own homes, but to have it played on a massive screen when you're at the rugby game is too much. What's the six-year-old girl in front of me, or the four-year-old boy to my right supposed to think. "Mum, what are those two guys doing?". Of course, pretty much everyone was laughing "it's just a bit of harmless fun" they say. Oh yeah?

I feel like ripping into the Paul Kelly Motor Company Dancers, but maybe I should leave that for another time. Apart from all the rubbish, it was a darn good game of Rugby, and...

We Are The Champions, My Friends!!!

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