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Beijing Olympics 2008, an inside look

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I recently received this email from a friend in China. The subject line read stand for Olympics , stand for Beijing!!!  The email is below, verbatim, and is worth a read.  No comment.

these days some so called tibetan 's and  a few parts westen people want to split our contry by destroying the olympics torch and politize the Olymoics   and  put huge hummen right presuse on us  and want all the country not to attend Beijing during the game time unless we have to agree with them.

these jurks dont know any of our history and some people just believe it in some person's bare words.

they r afraid of ours power  and we r becoming more stronger, they want to beat us by catch    their last straw and last chance  we r not some so called person think we r and we r peace makers and dont want hurt any contry and any peaceful lovers . but if  they ignore our kindness and friendly  , we have to raise up and firght for ourselves and our contry , we can not stand any un frinedly deeds and behaviers .

my dear friends , if u ever been to china , if u know what china really is , what our chinese people really r, pls tell the people around u no matter who r friendly with us or not, just tell the truth , i 'll apreciate it very much , thanks a million!

and I will like all the chinese people try our best to protect our contry and Olympics and  insist to tell the truth around the world.


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