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National 14 points ahead

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In the most recent Roy Morgan poll, National is polling at 14 points ahead of Labour. Results below.

October 29-Novmber 11, 2007
Labour 34
National 48
NZ First 5.5
Greens 7.5
United Future 1
Maori 2.5
Other 0.5

This comes after the month of October where the gap between the two parties was much closer, at times around 5%.



Blogger Felicity said...

Why on earth would anyone want to vote Labour after the Labour govenment you have now?!?

11:06 am, November 26, 2007 
Blogger Andy Moore said...

Beats me!

The sad fact of it is that there are so many people out there who want protection from the state. They have been brain-washed through years of public-schooling and a biased media. Now they place implicit trust in their 8 year old Government. It's about the people relying on the Government.

In his article “Crossing the Line” John reflects on the importance of constitutional constraints on our own politicians and asks, “When does a government actually cross the line from being a servant of the people to being the master of the people..."

11:46 am, November 26, 2007 
Blogger Felicity said...

very true!

1:02 pm, November 26, 2007 

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