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Michael - oh, I mean Andy Moore

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The knife display at Briscoes. I've never seen, or at least thought about a display of knives for sale at a shop before. Or given it much thought. The other day when I was at Briscoes, however, I couldn't get over the extensive arsenal on hand, an entire aisle dedicated to knives. I carefully took some pictures with my V360. Yeah, and I was wearing my "hoody". Huh, I wouldn't have the hoody unless I had been given it by a mate. I don't buy clothes much for myself. The last clothes I bought were two pairs of $9.95 shorts; lost one pair, wearing the other pair now...

Huh, this looks sharp. And it's out on display. Look, I'm holding it...

a nifty set of throwing knives

This cute wee number would cut more than bread.

Well, that really got me thinking. Is it ok for shops to have loose knives on display like that? Bread&butter knives, maybe. But there were some blimmin sharp, dangerous looking tools on display there, gave me a bit of a shock.

Bring it on Michael Moore!


Blogger ARKANE said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

9:42 pm, August 27, 2009 
Blogger Andy Moore said...

comment deleted

you may comment on my blog if you can string together a sentence that is not in all-caps, and that does not have four expletives.

it's not that hard... it's not as if I'm even requiring you to make sense (which you didn't)

12:27 am, August 28, 2009 

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