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Aria MacDonald

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Visit the website where Aria's family are fundraising for a much needed opperation for this little girl, as well as raising awareness of the rare disease: Hirschsprung's disease (Wikipedia).

Aria MacDonald

Aria MacDonald

Aria was born on Saturday 3rd June, 2006.

Two weeks later she was diagnosed with a very rare condition of the bowel known as total intestinal aganglionosis or total Hirschsprung’s disease. There is no cure and it means she would never be able to digest food.

This news was devastating to her parents Hamish and Anita who were told that nothing could be done to save their baby. It looked like the end of the journey for Aria but really it was the start of something amazing. Dear friends visited the next day and brought hope. That hope was the possibility of a bowel transplant and also the idea of Aria going home on TPN (total parental nutrition).

Aria has now lives at home with Mum and Dad and receives her ‘food’ thru her Hickman line in her shoulder directly into her blood stream. She also has a gastrostomy that drains her stomach of the bile that has no where to go.

Life is not straight forward however. Arias faces the threat of line infections as bugs can easily get into Aria’s blood stream thru her Hickman line. Connecting her to TPN each night must be done under sterile conditions to avoid this. TPN is also very hard on the liver. For babies that live only on TPN the risk of liver failure is high leading to death. However 9 months on and Aria’s liver results are testing NORMAL! Amazing!

Bowel Transplant

Aria’s only hope of long term survival and a chance to eat rests in bowel transplant. This operation is not done in NZ or Australia but the best place is America with the cost of $1-$2 million US dollars. It is still a risky operation but the odds of survival are getting better as advances in medical knowledge continue.

Her family and friends are busy fundraising for the operation and the cost of living in America with no income for 2-3 years. Please consider some of the many ways in which you can help out or support Aria and her family.

Aria is a bright smiley little girl who handles the trials in her life amazingly well. Her life is a precious gift from God who is taking the MacDonald family on a journey according to His great purposes.


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