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Vlog 4 - "If You Don't Like Abortion, Don't Have One"

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"If you don't agree with abortion, don't have one!" This is a statement which is made frequently by those in the pro-abortion movement. In this video I discuss what an absolute pathetic excuse for an argument that it is.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

whats with the quotations and what was your point about fast food. i think abortion and rape and slaves are all very different issues, and how about woman who get raped who have abortions, seeing as you think rape is such a horrible crime? think about what your saying and whats with the hat.

1:09 pm, September 10, 2010 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where can I get a slave? I think I believe in it...

8:05 pm, September 10, 2010 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you're using the air quotes wrong.

8:06 pm, September 10, 2010 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone will rape you, not with that hat

8:11 pm, September 10, 2010 

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