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Hatred & Water-Balloon-Condoms Thrown at March For Lifers in Berlin

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Bryan Kemper writes on his blog of his experience at the March for Life in Berlin on September 18. Unless you read this post, you're really not going to be able to comprehend the nature of the pro-abortion lobby in Germany, and the kind of thing we're going to be up against here in New Zealand if we continue to attempt to "take away women's reproductive rights"...

Bryan writes,

Besides the 1,800 pro-lifers in attendance; there were hundreds of riot police to protect us from the over 500 pro-abortion protesters who came to interrupt and attempt to attack us.

Our team went early to the site of the march to witness to the pro-abortion protestors and share the Gospel with them. We stood right in the middle of their gathering and just began talking to many of the young people there who seemed to hate us so much.

As the time for the march came closer we made our way to the stage to get prepared for Michel and me to give our talks. I was getting so excited as I was meeting young people from all over the world gathered there to jump start a youth pro-life revolution in Europe.

I was so impressed by the resolve of the pro-lifers as the pro-abortion protesters started to mix into our crowd and begin screaming vulgarities at us. Two lesbians walked to the front of the stage and began to make out in an attempt to shock us; they were just ignored as we kept on with the program.
Police hold the counter-protesters at bay

When I got up to speak the pro-abortion protesters were enraged as they announced an American coming up to speak. When they saw that I looked more like them then the rest of the pro-lifers I think it made them angrier. I shared my testimony about coming to Christ and then an encouraging pro-life message. I fired up the young people, challenging them to make sure that we always have the courage to stand up for Christ and for life.

As the organizers began to pass out white crosses to the pro-life marchers, many on the other side began to steal crosses so they could hold them upside down. As we took formation in the street, the pro-aborts were lining up beside us screaming the most foul and sexual things at the pro-lifers. They were holding the crosses upside down, waving rubber sexual organs and throwing condoms filled with water at us...

Read the full article here.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You might want to fix the title. The story seems to be about Germany rather than Belgium.

12:44 pm, September 24, 2010 
Blogger Andy said...

right, my bad... so Belgium isn't in Germany... will fix that up.

1:40 pm, September 24, 2010 

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