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Vlog 3 - "Men Shouldn't Force Their Opinion About Abortion on Women"

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Some in the pro-abortion movement make the statement - "what right do men think they have to force their views about abortion on women?" In this video I discuss the two major reasons why men are justified in speaking against abortion.

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Anonymous Ceecee said...

These pro-aborts are so hypocritical. If a man tries to force a woman to have an abortion, or worse assaults and/or kills her when she refuses, these same people who claim men have no right to talk to women about not aborting because "it's a woman's issue," these pro-abort women go silent when the man is forcing abortion on a woman.
I guess they think that imposing an abortion is OK, no matter that a man does it, no matter that it's not really her choice, no matter if the woman is killed for refusing, no matter what. Just as long as the maximum number of babies die.
If they really believed in choice, they'd protect a woman's right to choose life. If they really believed in choice, men who want to force abortion would also be told to shut up because it's a woman's issue.
But no, these hypoctrites only believe in promoting choice when only one choice is promoted. That's abortion.

7:04 pm, August 31, 2010 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why did you put white person in quotes? you are white

10:39 am, September 10, 2010 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If men have the right to make the decision, doesn't this then mean that men should be able to force women to have one. That argument is invalid.
Is this your job?

8:09 pm, September 10, 2010 
Blogger Andy said...

I put "white person" in quotes because I think it's a pretty simplistic way of referring to people of different race.

Did I say men have the right to make the decision? Or was that you who said that...

5:42 pm, September 20, 2010 

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