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Vlog 1: Aborting Cows

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In New Zealand approximately 200,000 calves are aborted every year - so that calving happens all at the same time. But where's the outrage about the 18,000 human babies who are aborted every year?

This is my first shot at vlogging - we'll see how it goes.



Blogger Joshua said...

I can't believe the Green party sometimes.... It almost makes me sick.

By the way I like your 'vlog'. Well done!

8:43 pm, August 25, 2010 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you just compare women to cows?! I don't think you can put live stock and humans on the same level.

8:27 pm, September 10, 2010 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is not how an abortion works. As a woman in this country, I find your manipulation of facts very unchristian. I have had an abortion. I am not a "baby killer".

8:29 pm, September 10, 2010 
Blogger Andy said...

Anonymous, it is acceptable to compare women to cows. I'm not saying they're the same, or even similar - I'm saying that a particular action taken by or on them is very similar.

This is how RU486 abortions work.

And I am absolutely not saying you're a baby killer. Abortionists are baby killers however.

5:38 pm, September 20, 2010 

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