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No More Free Milk at School - Now it's Free Abortions

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Back in the post-war years, up until my parents were at school, children were given a glass, or bottle of milk at school in an effort to increase the healthiness of Kiwi kids. That stopped in 1967. And in 1977 New Zealand got it's "Contraception, Sterilisation and Abortion Act" - a relatively pro-life act which declared that abortions would only be legal if the mother's life or health were in serious, life-threatening danger. Since then, the law has become farcaical, and New Zealand now has child-killing on demand. Below is an account I was sent, of an abortion committed against a sixteen-year-old Kiwi girl, and her pre-born baby that took place in Wellington, New Zealand just recently.

"I have been extremely saddened and quite shocked this week to learn that a friend of my daughter had an abortion last year when she had just turned 16. I know the parents fairly well and they are fabulous parents who have given the world to their kids and they have been very involved in their lives, supporting them at sports and after school activities over the years. The most shocking part of this story for me is that unfortunately this girl has gotten pregnant, gone to the school councilor instead of her parents and, without consulting the parents, the school councilor has taken her to Wellington for an abortion (after taking her to the KYS first).

That was last year and the girl has still not told her parents. I am sure you are all with me on this in terms of feeling horrified that this has been allowed to happen but I really want to know what legislation is in force that allows a school councilor to take this responsibility? I don’t believe there is any! I know those parents and they have had their rights taken away from them and the girl was definitely not mature enough to realize that the love and support she could have received from her parents was what she needed then – whatever outcome they chose together. She just knew she had been “naughty” and didn’t want to get into trouble."

Unfortunately, this legislation is in force, in the form of an amendment to the Care of Children Act. The Care of Children Act establishes that children under the age of 16 are not permitted to undergo medical procedures without their parent's consent. However it makes one exception...

Section 38 of the Care of Children Act 2004: Consent to abortion
1. If given by a female child (of whatever age), the following have the same effect as if she were of full age:
(a) a consent to the carrying out on her of any medical or surgical procedure for the purpose of terminating her pregnancy by a person professionally qualified to carry it out; and
(b) a refusal to consent to the carrying out on her of any procedure of that kind.

2. This section overrides section 36.

Section 36 had declared that children under 16 could not undergo any medical procedures without parental consent, however Section 38 comes along and removes this. Abortion is one of the most dangerous and life-changing experiences that any young girl could go through, and this aspect of our abortion law is therefore unprincipled on an unprecedented level. Gianna Jessen's mother was 17 when she chose to have an abortion. The abortionist used the saline-abortion method which both poisons and burns the child in-utero, until it dies - almost always a long and painful death. The saline solution (salt-water) is injected into the womb via a very large syringe. Gianna was burned alive for approximately 18 hours in the womb, in the saline solution. However she was delivered alive, and is today a beautiful and corageous voice for life, speaking internationally about her experience, and about the awful reality of abortion which is hidden behind the glossy brochures and deceptive platitudes from the pro-child killing lobby. As Gianna says - "if abortion is about women's rights, then where were mine?" Abortion is not a choice, it is painful, disgusting, and degrades women. It is shameful that our Government not only funds killing approximately 18,000 pre-born babies every year, but that it also funds the public-schools which promote abortion as an acceptable option - more desirable than adoption, - and further, arrange for young school-girls to have the foetus growing inside them, to be murdered.

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Dear God in Heaven: forgive us and help us!

4:37 am, April 26, 2010 

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