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I haven't blogged for ages... just about one month since my last post. I've got a project on the go which is taking up a lot of my time, but more on that later. Shortly I'll publish a post about an incident involving the pro-abortion lobby group, the Abortion Law Reform Association of New Zealand. Those working for ALRANZ read my blog... hello Alison McCulloch and Margaret Sparrow - I trust you're looking forward to the post I'll be publishing about your pro-baby killing organisation shortly. ALRANZ recently misrepresented me in a column they had published in the Gisborne Herald, to which Family Life International spokesperson Brendan Malone responded, "This is simply another classic example of the pro-abortion tactic of using misinformation to slur those who refuse to support the notion that killing unborn human beings is morally, socially and medically acceptable."

I also hope to (finally) publish a poem which I started writing back in December 2009, and have just about finished... we'll see.

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