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An elderly British gentleman of 83 arrived in Paris by plane.
At the French customs desk, the man took a few minutes to locate his passport in his carry-on bag.
You have been to France before, Monsieur?' the customs officer asked, sarcastically. 
The elderly gentleman admitted he had been to France previously. 'Then you should know enough to have your
 passport ready.' The elderly gentleman said, 'The last time I was here, I didn't have to show it.' 
'Impossible' said the customs officer, 'The British always have to show their passports on arrival in France!'
The Man gave the Frenchman a long hard look. 
Then he quietly explained;
'Well, when I came ashore on the Beach on D-Day in 1944, I couldn't find any flippin' Frenchmen to show it to!!!



Blogger Simeon said...

You could have heard a pin drop..

12:04 pm, March 22, 2010 
Blogger The Warrior said...

If you have a few moments, I'd like you to read my latest blog post if you could. Then comment, please!


P.S. AWESOME joke btw!

8:46 pm, March 24, 2010 

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