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Phil Goff on Abortion

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Phil Goff, Forum on the Family 2009
In September I attended the Forum on the Family. Here two questions were asked of Phil Goff relating to abortion in New Zealand (video here). I asked, "Currently young girls can have their pre-born baby aborted without their parents' knowledge or consent - what will your party do about this?", however Phil ignored the specificity of the question and spoke about abortion in general. A couple of interesting statements from his response,

"I have a deep unease about the taking of life - even at a foetal stage"

And yet throughout 9 years of a Labour Government, nothing was done to reduce the increasing number of abortions in New Zealand. If you're "uneasy" about the taking of foetal life, why don't you reconsider your position on abortion. Most of us are uneasy about the taking of infant life, and we take action on this and (supposedly) punish perpetrators of infanticide.

"It's better to prevent the conception of an unwanted child than to abort that child afterwards"

Well there you have it, Phil states that a foetus is a child - he's dead right and good on him. The second question to the leader of the opposition on abortion was from president of Voice for Life, Catherine Gillies who asked "what would your government do to ensure that women were able to make a truly informed decision?". Phil said that he would support a greater level of objective, neutral information being made available to women. He also said that he wanted to see a hell of a lot more done to,

"prevent unwanted pregnancies that may result in abortion or result in the bringing into this World of kiddies who were never wanted and are destined to have miserable lives right from the start".

Firstly, it is not true that all unwanted children that are born are destined to life of misery. Secondly, following this logic, it would be acceptable to kill an infant if it was decided that that infant was destined to a life of misery.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Andrew have you ever been to an abortion clinic. I have read your blog Andrew I have commented also, I am the parent of the 25 week premature baby. Grow up Andrew. You are a 22 year old virgin who really is not in the position to worry about abortion issues. Get a life, no really do! Can you direct me to the to you have stated your own first hand experience in this area. What makes you qualified to pass comment on this issue???

4:50 pm, October 08, 2009 
Blogger Andrew S said...

What makes someone qualified to take a stance on the value of a life? It takes Guts to stand against the prevailing status quo. Good on ya Andy! Truth isn't the exclusive homeboy of life experience.

6:20 pm, October 08, 2009 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To anonymous, I have been to an abortion clinic, and seen the foetus's stacked in a bowl ready for disposal. I have seen the bleak, almost haunted looks on the faces of the women in the clinic and the emotional sterility with which the doctor treated each one

6:30 pm, October 08, 2009 
Blogger Andy Moore said...

Hi Anonymous, I am really glad to hear that your premmie baby was born - I hope he/she is in good health.

My age and conjugal status have as much to do with my right to express myself as does the colour of my skin. Neiher do I need first-hand experience in the area of rape to declare it wrong, and speak against it.

What makes you qualified to pass comment on my comments on this issue?

Can't we debate the topic - instead of continually debating my own person?


6:38 pm, October 08, 2009 
Blogger Andy Moore said...

To Second Anonymous commenter. Would you be prepared to get in touch with me via email please? I am happy for you to remain anonymous. I would be very interested in hearing more on your experiences, and possibly inviting you to write a guest post for this blog so that the rest of the World can hear more about the horrible truth of what goes on within these "abortion clinics".

Many thanks.

6:40 pm, October 08, 2009 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just saw your Dont vote National banner there Andrew. Lol lol lol lol. You are an incredible joke Andrew lol lol lol. All about the smacking bill. What is it with your obssession with anything to do with kids Andrew? Your still a virgin and likely to be one for a long time so why worry? Don't do the Libertarian rubbish Andrew, you are fringe. Labour and National even Act you wanna stab. Yeah I know your tired old line about defending the right.

You are a religious crackpot and if there was a god I would thank him that you and most of your like minded people will never really weild any power in this country. You stab Rodney in the back, your hero! just to push your agenda. What a legend amongst the rest of the fringe but to the mainstream you are entertainment.

I say show me the studies Andrew by mainstream science to support your views. Of course you and I know you don't accept science as it do's not conform to your religious view of the world.

11:21 pm, October 09, 2009 

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