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2 Free Tooth & Nail Samplers

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There's a lot of good music by Christian bands out there that you haven't heard about yet, and starting with this post, I'll be occasionally sharing links to free songs that you can download (legally), to introduce you to some of these sweet tunes. Have just downloaded two new sampler albums from Tooth & Nail - cheers to the Free Christian Music blog for the heads up. If you're outside the US, you'll need a zip code. Here's one from Ventura County in California: 91377.

Grab the free 12-song Tooth & Nail Sampler for Summer 09 here. Haven't heard any of the songs yet, but we're looking at 12 pretty mainstream tunes. Emery's song Cutthroat Collapse from their latest album and Ktuless's The Resucue will welcome additions to my library. Have heard a little of the other bands before...

And there's 25 tracks from Tooth & Nail's Fuel Sampler which supposedly ran til' 18 September but is still available for download if you're quick... Know many of the bands in this sampler. Underoath's Desperate Times, Desperate Measures would be the only song I know from the impressive lineup, so a bunch of new songs which is great.

There's a bunch of songs to get you started, later we'll look a bit more in-depth at some more individual song as well as an explanation of what "Christian music" is all about if I get round to it...

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Blogger Canterbury Atheists said...

Mate, this is the diet Coke of music. The low alcohol beer, that no one drinks unless all other options have been exhausted. The Sucaryl you throw in your coffee, a poor substitute for the real thing.

Only a believer would buy music by a Christian band, and every mainstream music executive knows this, so that’s why the followers of Christ have been forced to start their own labels, in order to propagate their humourless, ‘sugar-free’ music.

It’s fitting to thank Christ personally, for this incestuous exercise in micro-economics: bands produce Christian music, marketed by Christian Record Companies, aired on Christian stations, sold by Christian outlets, promoted on Christian blogs - all to Christians!

Thank Jehovah from the bottom of my heart , Christian bands only tour with other Christian bands, playing safe havens like Churches, or Faith-based Schools, Parachute festivals etc - where the audiences will ignore their faults, lack of diversity, and simply embrace ‘the message’.

All this means Christian bands play well away from me!

See ya.


10:41 am, October 21, 2009 
Blogger Andy Moore said...

Fair comment Paul. I don't expect you to be quite up to speed with the "Christian music" scene. However I'm into both "Christian" and secular music and I can tell you that there is a heck of a lot of rubbish and some very good songs/bands in both camps. Look at Switchfoot or Underoath as examples of "Christian" bands which are mainstream.

Ok, now why do I continue to refer to "Christian" bands with quotation marks? There's two basic kinds of music that can fit in this category: music created by Christians, or Christian music created by Christians - strangely enough, these two often very different categories come under the one banner...

I think I've made the point I wanted to - as I said, fair enough question, as there is a fair deal of stigma around this issue. Would encourage you to objectively listen to these tracks and get back to me with your thoughts - lyrics aren't the big deal here, we're talking style & quality.

Christian musicians...
Shut me Out - Kutless
Writing on the Walls - Underoath
Dare you to Move - Switchfoot
Never take Friendship Personal - Anberlin

Some good secular stuff...
Miss You Love - Silverchair
One Day Like This - Elbow
Romeo and Juliet - Dire Straits

12:33 pm, October 21, 2009 
Blogger Canterbury Atheists said...

Hey everyone has different taste in music, but I can’t get into Christian stuff a bit like I can’t abide country and rap - all too insular and not explorative enough for me. I’m into Joy Division, Flaming Lips, Radiohead, Gang of Four etc.

Changing tack, what’s happening with ACT on Campus – my son said he saw your propaganda lucking in the corridors somewhere?



3:58 pm, October 21, 2009 
Blogger Andy Moore said...

Yeah well this is it Paul. Different taste, it's not all that complicated really is it. I like some of Joy Division and Radiohead.

Your son said he saw our propaganda lurking in the corridors? What can I say... we're the most active political group on campus, and we get stuff done... recently had Sir Roger down to speak to us about VSM and the economy.

12:37 am, October 22, 2009 

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