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Breast Cancer Foundation Deathly Silent on Abortion/Breast Cancer link

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and Brendan Malone at the Semper Vita blog writes of elephants obscured by miles and miles of pink ribbon,

Despite all the pink ribbons, posters and public monuments bathed in pink strobe lights after dark, there are some very large elephants standing in the breast cancer corner that no one wants to acknowledge, let alone talk about. What am I referring to? The link between oral contraceptives and increased rates of breast cancer, the link between abortion and the increased rates of breast cancer, and the fact that delaying your first pregnancy increases your risk of breast cancer.

...There are a multitude of studies (28 at last count) which show a definite link between abortion and a subsequent increased risk of breast cancer. This increased risk appears to associated with the cellular changes which occur within the female breasts during pregnancy (in preparation for milk production), that are violently interrupted by an abortion, which leaves dormant cells, and high levels of pregnancy hormones for the body to deal with. The research shows that miscarriage carries an increased risk of breast cancer as well, but it is still nowhere near as high as it is with an abortion. (continue reading)

To their shame, the NZ Breast Cancer Foundation does not seek to raise awareness to this link meaning that women are not provided with all the information necessary to make an informed decision about whether to go ahead with an abortion or not.

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