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An Australian joke this week, as told to me earlier this evening by a friend named Mark Sadler. Mark had popped round to drop off a book for me entitled The Birth Controllers. Had a quick flick through before and notice that the book contains discussion of the ideas of Thomas Malthus - a name I came across when researching on Obama's controversial new appointment as his science advisor; compulsory-abortion advocate, John Holdren. I hope to conduct a second exclusive interview on Star Studded Super Step with Mark sometime soon, as he has some intriguing points of view on such subjects as population control and abortion. Anyway, back to the joke.

Bruce and Blue were two good mates that went way back. It was a nice sunny day and they were playing a 9-hole game of golf together. They had reached the 9th hole and Bruce was just getting himself lined up for the final putt. Just then, out on the main road alongside the golf-course came a slow-moving funeral procession. All the cars had their headlights on and the big black hearse leading the way. Bruce laid down his golf-club, bowed his head and raised his hand to his chest. "That's pretty sentimental of you isn't it?" asked Blue. "I lived with her for 15 years," Bruce responded tersely. "A mintue of silence isn't to ask is it?"



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