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The Unravelling of the Electoral Finance ACT

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In response to the many erroneous claims that have been made regarding Rodney Hide's feeling towards my complaint against his yellow jacket, here is an excerpt from Hansard today...

Hon Lianne Dalziel: Can the Minister advise whether the ACT Party has requested that the repeal bill contains a retrospective provision to annul the ACT Party supporter’s complaint about the Hi-de-Hi! jacket that has caused the Hon Rodney Hide to be embarrassed and has led him to concede that the public had a right to be furious about what was nothing more than a stunt?

Hon SIMON POWER: I can advise the member that I have no knowledge of such a request.

Hon Rodney Hide: I raise a point of order, Mr Speaker. There is a requirement under the Standing Orders that questions are to be factually accurate. I was furious, but I was not furious with the supporter of the ACT Party—I love them all. I was furious about that crazy law that Lianne Dalziel and the Green Party passed.

- Excerpt from Hansard, 16 December 2008, Question 9

Even if the Electoral Commission were to fine ACT up to the maximum of $50,000, it would be worth it. The public has been able to see just how pedantic and restricting the Electoral Finance Act is, to freedom of speech in election year.

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