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Head resting on my hand, I sit with my back to the night-store heater and attempt to navigate through the clunky interface of Windows Media Player 10. I've just found the playlist from my 21st party on Mum's laptop, and am trying to set it to shuffle... Blue ink from a poor-quality Parker pen is on my K finger. Aerosmith comes on with "I don't wanna miss a thing", and the heater is getting really hot, searing through my jersey that Thomas gave me. The tea must be good now...

Brewed for a good five minutes, the tea releases an incredible aroma. Dripping off the teabag and then deftly pouring just the right amount of green milk, the milk blends with the tea and she's all good to go. Admittedly a bit cold - but I don't think I'll microwave it - Brent at work reckons that microwaving drinks waters them down - even water, he maintains. Ahhh, work. Today I enjoyed driving the cherry-picker around the warehouse for a bit, as high up as it would go. It definitely feels different navigating with your wheels so far under you, and on a wobbly platform. Lunch at work was great today. Yesterday's buns with slices of processed cheese, a good cup of coffee in one hand, and a bag of mandarins down on the concrete by my feet as I sat outside the roller-door of the warehouse, facing the quiet street, my feet up on another plastic chair.

Sigh, it's 12:03am, I should really head off to bed - planning on heading out tomorrow with some others to collect signatures for the Anti-Smacking Law petition. Hmmm, that's nice, Bridge over Troubled Water is playing, Simon and Garfunkel almost at their best. Heheh, work's funny, the day I started (replacing an old guy who threw in the towel), Brent asked me which radio station I would prefer. "Anything but Radio Rhema", he said as he gestured towards the decrepit looking alarm-clock/radio. Later I learned that for the last two years, the radio had been tuned to play More FM. After five days of Classic Hits, and having heard the same, few - tired old "hits of the 80's, 90's and today" for five days in a row, I gently hinted that we could change radio stations. The subtle suggestion was lost on my workmate - changing the radio station was a big deal, carrying an almost religious gravity with it.

Mad World by Gary Jules just played, such a nice song. My music video for it is here. Day-dreaming while supposedly critiquing a mate's speech earlier today, I had entertained myself with making a ring for my little finger out of the wrapper from a pack of chewing-gum. It is a good ring, and has withstood two hand-washings. The barcode features as the gem-stone, if you will - and I had an interesting but not unexpected comment about it - won't get into that now though.

;) I'm kind of apologetic about this little rave about nothing much in particular, but I was feeling mixed up and needed to write some things down... Have a good one!

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Blogger Lydz said...

Ahh, what a nice, peaceful bit of writing you've got there.

7:44 pm, May 19, 2008 

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