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Dark Agenda from The Press

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Every Tuesday, The Press publishes "The Box" which is a weekly entertainment lift-out. It carries celebrity gossip, game, movie and technology reviews. After having a brief look at the article claiming that more and more old people are using Macs, I flicked over to the "Films of the Week" section, near the back of the lift-out.

I was intrigued to note that all the movies which had been reviewed and given a rating on this page were rated AO (Adults Only Programmes containing adult themes and directed primarily at mature audiences source).

Superman Returns was the only movie listed that would have been worth viewing and even it has the AO rating slapped onto it. However, the Office of Film and Literature Classification gives this movie anrating (Contains medium level violence). Superman is a cool movie, aimed at children, and does not "contain adult themes directed primarily at mature audiences".

So the question now is why was Superman given the AO rating? TVNZ (Government owned) begins by putting AO ratings on decent films that are suitable for children. And then once it is a common thing for children to be watching AO rated movies, TVNZ can lower the standard and bring out increasingly filthier and more perverted movies with a guaranteed increase of the number of children watching.

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Blogger Rick said...

The Press is trying to trick kids into perversion by telling them Superman is less traumatic than rated?

Come again?

12:15 am, February 24, 2008 
Blogger Andy Moore said...

What I'm saying is that by artificially raising the rating on kids movies, it will become the norm for children to sit down and watch AO movies...

12:21 am, February 24, 2008 

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