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Raxworthy Tune

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Exclusive from the Raxfiles
and here by popular demand
we bring you the RaxTune

what are the raxfiles? what's all this about?

Darren Raxworthy here - whats the go?
Ask me lad - Yo - I'm in the know.
Yo - every chance you get you blow.
Take it nice and easy bro.
Come on kid, on with the show.
Don't go fast, you gotta go slow.

Raxworthy Yo!
Whats the go?
Keep it up bro
Make the show

Most of them say go with the flow
Ask the guys who earn their dough
They don't hang their jeans down low
All wear their fluro glasses though.
Come on kid, let's do this bro
We'll get the job done even so.

Raxworthy Yo!
Whatda go?
Keep up bro
Make da show



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